RIN Enzyme

The culture of drinking enzyme started in Japan about 100 years ago. For the past half century, RIN Enzyme has been producing quality  enzyme on the southern Kyushu island of Japan, known for its fertile soil, fresh air, pure water and ample sunshine.

Exported to many parts of the world today, RIN Enzyme has been available in the Malaysian market for 8 years. Caremark talks to Nimura-san, founder of RIN Enzyme to find out how the enzyme  supplement fits into his health regime.

1.  How is RIN Enzyme different from other brands of enzyme supplement / drinks?
Our 49 years of experience has allowed us to produce RIN Enzyme that is much more superior to those of other brands in the market.

RIN Enzyme has been awarded with the 2 patents No. 3806009 & No. 3896338 for its distinctive formulation and manufacturing process, validating its health benefits in improving hypertension, curbing high blood lipid and preventing obesity.

RIN Enzyme is the only brand of enzyme that holds such patents. Highly bio-available and bioactive, RIN Enzyme can be absorbed by human body within 30 minutes and has been proven by blood test.

In terms of taste and efficacy. I believe that majority of the consumers will find RIN enzyme to be far more palatable and effective than any other brands. Most importantly, RIN Enzyme is alcohol free and hence, suitable for people of all ages and races.

RIN Enzyme is also 100% natural and made from pure comprehensive plant-based enzymes. It is absolutely free from artificial chemicals, preservatives, alcohol, additives,  colouring and flavour. 

2.  Do you take RIN Enzyme? If yes, how long have you been taking RIN Enzyme? What are some of your personal experience (pertaining to benefits)?
I have been taking 40ml of RIN Enzyme every day. Even though I am now 69 years old, I can still work as hard as the young people surrounding me every day.

My work requires me to shuttle around Japan, China, Malaysia and Singapore every month. On average, my team and I will have to travel to 11 places within 14 days and such tight schedule is repeated monthly.

To sustain that kind of energy level, I drink RIN Enzyme everyday. Besides energy, RIN Enzyme also offers me greater vitality and stronger immunity, sharper mental agility and better overall wellbeing.

3.  What do you do to keep fit?
I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising regularly and eating right. I do 10,000 steps exercise in the morning and ensure that my daily diet consists lesser proteins and more vegetables and fruits, not forgetting RIN Enzyme. I also try to make sure that I get  plenty of rest and abstain from smoking and drinking alcohol. I make it a point to enjoy a happy life as much as possible.

4.  What do you think of Malaysia?
I love Malaysia because the people here are very friendly, kind and cheerful. Food in Malaysia is delicious no matter where it is from. I also feel very comfortable with the warm weather of Malaysia.

5.  With the different climate and other environmental conditions, what do you recommend that people in Malaysia do to keep fit?
As I have mentioned, Malaysia offers a wide variety of food.  However, majority of the food is served cooked, processed or with added additives.

So, while enjoying all the delicious food, it is important to eat more raw fruits and vegetables that are rich in enzyme, reduce the consumption of meat, especially red meat, and cut down on the intake of sugar and salt. It is also important to consume addictive drink such as coffee and tea in moderation,  and avoid fast food or processed food. A healthy lifestyle also includes exercises on a  regularly basis and plenty of rest.


About RIN Enzyme

RIN Enzyme is a premium phyto-enzyme drink from Japan, fortified with more than 36 kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains, algae and greens. It is the perfect enzyme supplement for today’s hazardous environment and hectic lifestyle.
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